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"To Those Concerned:


Thanks to Melissa, my house looks and functions better than I ever imagined possible. "Your house is gorgeous!" said my old friend Pat. The house was owner-built in 1950, and in real need of renovation by 2016. I talked to several designers; Melissa was by far the most welcoming, focused on what I had to say, and optimistic about what we could accomplish. She made sure I understood how we would proceed. Work meetings were always productive. She came up with creative, exciting, varied, and plausible solutions to design problems, and was quick to notice when I needed further explanation. She communicated reliably. She worked very effectively with our general contractor and had a good contact herself for an item that was beyond his scope. 


Scope of work: complete renovation of three bathrooms, laundry/utility room (including a new heater and on-demand water heater, and up-sized gas supply line), and all closets; replaced 80% of wiring (including a new main panel and sub-panel); replaced kitchen backsplash, appliances (except refrigerator), reworked exhaust ducting and casework; added garage drywall; reworked all front door framing; new interior paint throughout."


Ann L.

Menlo Park, California


"We hired Melissa to do a complete 3 bedroom 2 ½ bath house remodel. We didn’t plan to do any major changes to the floor plan, and wanted to save on the cost of an architect. Melissa with her incredible CAD drafting skills was a perfect choice! When there were questions, she had an engineer take a look and we were off. After getting bids from contractors we scaled back the project, and decided to do it in two separate projects. We worked with Melissa over a two year period - determined by me - certainly not by Melissa, and had a wonderful experience.


I love Melissa! She is one of the most joyful people to work with. She is chatty and light, but don’t let that dissuade you! She has an expert grasp on construction and remodeling created by years in the business, and she is an absolutely fearless advocate when it comes to working with the rest of the trade. She is very gifted at drafting, able to draw up concepts and maneuver around CAD software with the grace of a magician. This ultimately saved us money, she’s so fast. Melissa was very patient with my slower careful decision making, and helped me when I struggled. She was able to step in and run the project when I asked her to, and step back when I wanted to take the lead. It was an amazingly good experience. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Among other things, we now have the kitchen of my dreams. Hire this amazing woman."


Anne H.W.

Menlo Park, California


"I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa in 2018 when I was starting a home remodel. We were interviewing different individuals to work with. Melissa was very professional and understanding of our needs. She was easy to talk, definitely has a lot of knowledge in the industry. We decided to work with Melissa and the experience was wonderful. Our project took way over a year to complete. Melissa designed our entire kitchen, breakfast nook, pantry, family room, fireplace and living room. We moved windows & doors-took out sliding doors and replaced with French Doors. Vaulted the ceiling and leveled out the multi-level flooring. She helped us pick all our kitchen cabinets, counter tops, marble fireplace and all new engineered flooring because we have a swimming pool. She was there with us every step of the way. I would highly recommend Melissa for your home remodel project small or large. You won't be disappointed!"

Susan K.

San Jose, California


"My name is Jon Miller, and my wife and I had a fire in 2017, where the entire inside of our house was gutted and needed to be rebuilt. We were working with a contractor, and were at a tile shop one day, when we were introduced to Melissa Nierman, who is an interior designer. She helped steer us away from a natural stone for our bathroom, and into a ceramic tile that gave the same look we were after, for a fraction of the price and with zero maintenance issues we would have had with the stone.


Based on that positive experience, we hired her to help us with our living room design.  We had completely changed our living room in the remodel and wanted to set it up for a weekly Bible Study in our house.  Melissa helped us realize we didn’t need the wooden entertainment center, end tables or coffee table we were buying to go with our sectional couch.  Instead she convinced us to do low built in cabinets across out TV wall, and use two ottomans with storage, and stacking glass end tables.  The cabinets have cushions on them for extra seating also.  She also helped us realize that a long glass shelf unit behind our couch, would be a great addition.  


This may all sound simple, but it was not the direction we were going when we met Melissa, and it really made a radical change in our room.   When we had our Bible Study, the design really paid off as the seating arrangement made It very conducive to our discussions.  I would highly recommend Melissa.  She listened well to what our needs were and then sought to show us things to meet those needs. "

Jon Miller

Milpitas, California


"We were so happy to work with Melissa on the design of our kitchen remodel. We had a very small and outdated kitchen with limited storage and counter space. Without changing any outside walls she was able to open up the space and create a new layout with more functionality than we ever could have imagined! We now have a pantry, lots of working space, plenty of cabinets/drawers and she even fit in a 6 burner gas range without looking crowded or cramped. She was with us every step of the way, going to look at materials and helping us pick out the perfect colors. We love our new kitchen and are so happy with the way it turned out! Thank you, Melissa!"


Cyndi G.

Sunnyvale, California


"Dear Melissa,


We have greatly enjoyed the precision and execution you added to our home remodeling effort. You smoothly took our disparate opinions and our on paper plans and translated them into a reality, working very closely with our contractor. You also have a real skill in designing built-ins, the likes of which have literally transformed our family room into my favorite room in the house. The fabric samples you brought in were spot on first time as well. In addition to your technical skills, you have a lovely, amiable demeanor that makes you a true pleasure to work with, and, in fact, a new friend. Keep up the good work. We would be happy to recommend you."



Anne & Reiner

Menlo Park, California

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